Why Bulgaria’s Private Clinics Offer Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

July 6, 2021

Cosmetic Surgery

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While Health Tourism is popular in Mexico and Asian countries, most Europeans looking for cosmetic surgery would prefer to go to a private clinic in Bulgaria. While this country is already famous as the go-to destination for health tourism because of the many mineral spas in the region, many have discovered that Bulgaria’s private clinics provide high quality dentistry, medical treatments, and cosmetic surgeries at affordable prices.

Actually, Bulgaria’s private clinics are providing cosmetic surgery services that are far more affordable than the private clinics in other European countries. The reason is that after Communism fell in the country, professional medical practitioners in the country were able to come out and offer their medical services by way of private clinics. Faced with stiff competition with Bulgaria’s thriving health care institutions that offer high-priced medical treatments as a tourism package to foreigners, private practitioners have no choice but to keep their fees low and affordable to tourists and locals with limited financial resources.

Additional competition also comes from the plush countryside houses offering natural spas. They date as far back as the Roman Empire, which all the more poses as attractions to tourists. Bulgaria’s natural spas contain mineral-rich muds and waters that claim to rejuvenate and heal the skin. In order to attract more foreign visitors, majority of the spas have been modernized, complete with top-notch relaxation and recreational facilities housed in hotels accommodating foreign visitors.

Inexpensive Cosmetic Surgery in Bulgaria

There are a lot of options that a medical tourist can choose from in Bulgaria; especially as the industry is constantly improving and growing.

Bulgarian dentists and doctors engaged in private practice are forced to keep their prices low and affordable because of the country’s low wage economy. At the same time, their clinics need to be competitive as well, so they have to invest in high-end technology and ensure better staff training to make their low cost advantage work in the competition.

For instance, a face lift in Bulgaria costs only €1,200 while a breast enhancement surgery costs only €2,500. Dental services in the country starts with a low price of €10 for initial treatments, while patients can even bargain for lower prices, since there are thousands of dental clinics to go to in Bulgaria.

How Much will a Weight Loss Surgery for Obesity Treatment Cost in Bulgaria

Obesity is a major problem in Bulgaria, which is why most Bulgarian hospitals also offer weigh-loss or obesity surgery. In Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia, the Tokuda Hospital is well known for its specialized laparoscopic surgeries, and bariatric and endocrine procedures.

The weight-loss operation usually takes approximately two to four hours, while a patient’s hospital stay and treatment period lasts from five, up to ten days. Room options cost range between €45 and €65 per night. Other costs such as medical consumables and implants could reach up to €3,070. The full medical service package costs €6,140, which brings the whole weight loss surgery cost around €9,900 which is cheaper when compared to other institutions offering similar noninvasive procedures.

Relaxing in Bulgaria’s Countryside

Bulgarian people are very welcoming especially in the country’s rural area however, the language barrier between you and them can be quite difficult. As they only speak their native tongue and road signs are in Cyrillic alphabet, making gestures and body language your only way to communicate with locals

Bulgarian cuisine is a combination of Balkan, Greek, and Turkish cuisine and you definitely cannot miss out on the spiced lamb that will surely make your mouth water. So how can Bulgarians resist food that everyone affirms as delicious?

Now here’s the thing, despite the availability of weight-loss surgery in the country, most of those with excessive weigh problems would prefer to engage in self-care by taking fat burning products. A popular choice is Reduslim Bulgaria because this supplement is affordable to ordinary Bulgarian folks, and at the same time, does not require intense physical exercise in order to be effective as a calorie burning agent.